Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The following books reviews have been written by patrons who read the books during the 2006 Winter Reading Program:

"Needled To Death" by Maggie Sefton (New book/Mystery/SEF)
On a trip to a visitors farm to show a group of knitting tourists the owners alpacas, Kelly discovers her friend killed. Later the daughter suffers the same fate. Was the soon to be ex-husband/step-father the killer, or did someone else have reasons to silence them?

"A Good Year" by Peter Mayle (Fiction/May)
This is a story of a transplanted British protagonist from the wint country in Provence France. who acquires a provencial vineyard left to him by his dead uncle. You learn a little about the wine business and the French people.

"Hannah's Hope: The Red Glove Series by Karen Kinsbury (New book/Fiction/KIN)
This book is a gentle read. Fifteen-year-old Hannah, who buries herself in activities to run from the neglect of parents too involved in politics to see her more than two visits a year, learns she has a second father, her biological father. She prays for a Christmas miracle that will bring her the family she longs for.

"Buried by Breakfast" by Claudia Bishop {Mystery/BIS)
Meg and Quill somewhat reluctantly agree to having the jurors of a case stay at their Inn during a slow time. They quickly find themselves having to solve a murder case. Did a group of protestors hide a murderer or was it someone else?

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