Monday, April 10, 2006

Author Thomas Crane Talks About His Book and Reads His Poetry

Thomas Crane
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Did you miss hearing Thomas Crane at the library? Listen here!

Author Visit:
Thomas Crane, author of

Green is the Valley, Blue are the Hills

Listen to:Thomas Crane talk about his book and read his poetry!

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Lynn Grice said...

I've read Tom Crane's wonderful book but it was a special treat to hear him speak about it in his own warm way.
Thank you for making this podcast available.

Lynn Grice
New Paltz NY

Kelli / IT Dept. said...

You're very welcome. It's a pleasure to help these local presenters reach a larger audience through the podcast.

Anonymous said...

As I listen to Tom Crane and his story of a quest to publish his family stories/history I feel inspired walk right up to the door, so to speak, and open it. I have not read his book as yet but I will "open it" and I am sure to be pleasantly surprised as I was with his presentation today.
Thank you. I really enjoyed the podcast.
Dora C.

Kelli / IT Dept. said...

You can read Thomas Crane's book, Green is the Valley, Blue are the Hills online at


Anonymous said...

It seems just a short time ago that I worked with Tom to get his book formatted for the prospect of publishing.

A few things have happened since then, from publish to podcast.

I'm truly glad to see Tom getting attention for all of his hard work. He worked very hard and long to piece this information together and deserves to be honored for this work.

Congrats again Tom!

Tim Willis
Bridgeview, IL

Tim Robert said...

I sincerely appreciate that you posted my grandfather's interview on the web. I am 150 miles away right now, attending college, and now three-fourths of the way through the semester. I had wanted to be able to come and listen, but I knew that I would not be able to get the time away from classes. This thought greatly disappointed me. That is why I was thrilled when he told me that it was going to be posted, for me to download and listen to here.

The book is one of my grandfather's many great accomplishments. I am so glad that it has been able to reach so many people all over the world, and is finally receiving the appreciation it deserves.

Thank you,

Timothy Robert
Champaign, IL

Daz Beattie said...

Thank you Lansing Library for providing a unique opportunity to listen to Tom's elequent
presentation of his book and perhaps more importantl his sincerity of reasoning behind writing it.
I found Tom's reading of his own poetry extremely moving and perhaps it would be possible to persuade him to return and provide a recital of more of his poems.
A wonderfull speaker and a brilliant book.
Thanking you, Daz Beattie, Yorkshire, UK.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear Thomas Crane read his poems he has a beautiful speaking voice which only added to his touching poems.

I read his book but hearing him talk about it gave it more warmth to feel the love he put into it.

Thank you again for this great service you have that we can, no matter where we live are able to hear & learn more.

June H.
New York

John Rodriguez said...

I have been a virtual friend of Tom Crane for a few years now, and I have also read his opus, "Green Is The Valley, Blue Are The Hills", back in the day when it was a virtual copy on the web.

I was entranced by his presentation of how and why he searched for his own roots, which I already knew from reading his book, and I was particularly enjoyed by his "I'll do it my way" of finding a publisher for his work. Sounds a lot like me, in a way.

His readings of a few of his poems were insightful for me, who only read them silently in my original reading of them.

I am grateful for this presentation, by a person whom I do not know personally but for whom I have a deep appreciation.

Joe Kenny said...

Well done Tom!
I’m delighted to see your book finally in print and it was a real pleasure to hear you talk so passionately about your work on the podcast.
Thanks for all your kind comments about publishing your book online and . . . the pleasure was mine and I was glad to be of help.
Best of luck and God bless you from Ireland and long may ‘Celtic Spirituality’ flow in your veins!

Joe Kenny
Co. Tipperary

Christoph Bathelt said...

In the name of Tom Crane's "deutsch" cousins in Europe, I would like to thank all Lansing library staff for their efforts of organizing this reading and recording it. It was the internet, that brought us in contact with this remarkable man four years ago, and it is the internet again, that gives us the opportunity to listen to him on this Easter holiday 2006.
Best wishes to you all, and keep on doing your great job!

Karen Tintori said...

Tom and I have corresponded for quite some time, both of us kids from Illinois coal families with a shared history around the Cherry Mine Disaster -- both of us writers.

Since I'm closer to Lansing, Michigan than to Lansing, Illinois, it was a thrill to be able to "attend" Tom's talk at the library via the internet. Thank you for making this possible, and kudos to Tom on a captivating presentation.

John Crehan said...

Tom Crane's talk gives some indication of the hard work put into the writing and publication of his book 'Green is the Valley, Blue are the Hills.

Mick in the UK said...

It's a long while since I read Toms book via Joe Kenny's Fethard site, and after listening to the podcast I will go back and re-read it.
On a visit to Fethard (my Fathers hometown)when I was a child, my Grandmother took great pleasure in pointing out the pieces of Leprachauns beards which had got caught in the gorse bushes, and had us searching for gold for days in the 'fairy forts'.
We did find a few 'gold' coins which was a treat.
The section of the podcast regarding Leprachauns brought the memories back.

Remember Toms words if you are interested in geneaology, and don't treat the hobby as a crossword puzzle...the people you are researching were real people, who made us what we are.
Many thanks to the people in the library who made this podcast available.

Mick Flynn