Monday, July 03, 2006


"Cold Heart" by Jonathan Kellerman M/KEL
This book had lots of side intrigue, all of which come together to solve the puzzle in the end. I enjoyed the book.

"Booked To Die" by John Dunning M/DUN
This book is the first of a series of four - at this time. The story is compelling on at least two levels. Cliff and the mystery story and the world of first edition books. Please go to books 2, 3 and 4. I liked this series.

"A Wild Ride Up the Cupboards" by Ann Bauer F/BAU
This book gives you insight into the dilemmas of parenthood. It is a very emotional portrait of a family and of the mother who is trying to keep it all together. Enjoyable.

"Beginner's Luck" by Laura Pedersen F/PED
This is my favorite book.

"When the Emperor Was Devine" by Julie Otsuka F/OTS
This is a story of one Japanese family, a mother, daughter and son, who were put into an internment camp in Utah after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942. They were separated from their father for four years.

"Mermaids Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd F/KID
This is an interesting story about relationships and spirituality.

"The Night Remembers" by Kathleen Eagle F/EAG
This story is suspensful and show how people can help each other in many ways.

"Ain't She Sweet?" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
One of my favorite authors has come through for me again. Sugar Beth, once rich and nasty in high school has returned to her hometown broke but not broken and is looking for a second chance. Her "friends" have other ideas.

"Young Kate" by Christopher Andersen B/HEP
The author chronicles the first 18 years of Katharine Hepburn's life and goes deeper into her family roots. It tells about the lives of her maternal grandparents Houghton-Miflin Pub. and Corning Manufacturing fame, and of her parents, urologist Dr. Thomas Hepburn and Katharine Houghton Hepburn (Kit) after whom Kate was named. Her mother worked with Margaret Sanger to form Planned Parenthood.

"Gideon's Gift" by Karen Kingsbury F/KIN
Eight-year-old Gideon has leukemia; and 51 year-old Earl has no home, unless you call a tarp in the alley a home. When Earl's wife and child died in an accident one Christmas, Earl gave up on life. Gideon meets Earl when she serves him rolls at the mission. Gideon wants to make Earl smile, but Earl only growls when she tells him "Christmas Miracles happen to those who believe."

"The Joy of Being 50 Plus" by Allia Zobel 741.59/ZOB
If you're close to eigher side of 50, you will recognize yourself and laugh. My favorite joy was "having a pair of reading glasses in every room of the house." This is a very quick and refreshing read.

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