Monday, September 25, 2006

"Reader Reviews!"

Executive Power by: Vince Flynn (F/FLY)
This book is about super-undercover agent Mitch Rapp and his disdain and mistrust of the powers in Washington who try to stop him from saving a family held in the Philipines.

The Little Lady Agency by: Hester Browne (NB/F/BRO)
Melissa starts an agency pretending to be "Honey" (a blond bombshell) who helps men cope with rude girlfriends. (British humor at its best!)

A Thousand Tomorrow's by: Karen Kingsbury (F/KIN, LP/F/KIN)
A rodeo bull rider falls in love with a girl who has cystic fibrosis. She teaches him how to live and get over hurt.

Sitcom Style by: Diana Friedman (791.456 FRI)
A fun book full of pictures of sitcom homes we've come to love. Key elements are discussed and why they were chosen for each household.

Miracle on the 17th Green by: James Patterson & Peter deJonge (F/PAT)
This golf-fantasy novela is an enjoyable read about a golfer whose game improves so remarkedly one Christmas that he wins a place on the Senior PGA tour.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Copy Central

Copy Central
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The color copier has joined the black & white copier by the upper level entrance. Only $1.00 for color copies!

Video Browsers & Compact Discs Moved

Look for them across from the new fiction and newspapers.

Banned Books Display

Banned Books Display
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Banned Book Week September 23 - 30, 2006. Enter to win a "Banned Book" located at the Adult Services Desk. Show your support for the freedom to choose what you read - take a blue ribbon to show your support.

Audiobooks Moved

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They've moved! Now located just past the mystery shelves, closer to the Adult Services Desk. Newer titles will be displayed on the ends of the shelves! Come back and check one out! If you don't see a title you'd like, ask the Adult Services Desk to borrow it form another library!

Monday, September 18, 2006

"Readers Reviews!"

Getting Old Is Murder by: Rita Lakin (M/LAK)
Gladdy and her gang of retirees solve the mystery of who is murdering the seniors!

Aruba by: David Holloway (NB/362.8 HOL)
Natalee Holloway's birth father tells his tale of trying to find out what happened to his daughter in Aruba and of all the corruption he found in the police department and government.

Gardenias for Breakfast by: Robin Jones Gunn (F/GUN)
A story about a woman and her daughter who trek across the country in search of the mother's
"Perfect Summer."

Splintered Icon by: Bill Napier (F/NAP)
Book dealer helps to translate a 400 year old journal to find a relic of the Holy Cross.

The End of Emerald Woods by: David J. Walker (M/WAL)
The treasurer of a small environmental group is framed for theft of money from a carnival. The money is to be used to fight a huge developer from destroying a small wooded area for a mega mall.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adult Services Area

Come and see what has been done in the Adult Services area. The Audio Books are now located by the Adult Services desk. We have arranged a nice quiet reading area for those who want comfort and welcome surroundings. If you have any questions - ask us and we will try to answer them. Stop by the Adult Services and introduce yourself, we love to meet patrons.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Samples for Soldiers

Many of our troops serving overseas are in need of basic personal supplies. Maybe you have some sample sized toiletry items that you've accumulated from mailings or from travel that our troops would appreciate.
Items accepted:
Sample or trial-sized toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss, q-tips, lotion, feminine products, antibacterial wipes, disposable razors, combs, body wash, kleenex, shaving cream, cotton balls, powder, deodorant).
There is a box on the upper level to place your dontations in.
Thank you for your donations!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Summer Reading Suggestions by Patrons

ANGEL OF MERCY by Tracie Peterson (F/PET)

This is the story of a L.A. policeman who is falsely accused of murder and the lawyer who tries his case. Many interesting side stories going on as well.....

BEACH ROAD by James Patterson (NB/F/PAT)

A young attorney takes on the defense of a young black man accused of murdering three white men. This story has a totally shocking twist at the end!!!!


The story is about a meteor stone found by prehistoric people and its effect down through the ages on different societies.

COLD RIDGE by Carla Neggers (F/NEG - LP/F/NEG)

A great romantic suspense novel that starts out with a murder investigation that leads to a killer's vendetta against several people that had crossed him at some point.


This story is about five people from different backgrounds and areas of the country who meet at a Quilt Camp and become fast and supportive friends through thick and thin. Pleasant reading!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Summer Reading Suggestions by Patrons

KNOCK ME OFF MY FEET by Susan Donovan (F/DON)
This book is a non-Marth Stewart type that does a household column and TV show and receives threats and falls for the cop investigating and protecting her.

This is a story of a cute nightingale that opened a B&B in Trail Stop, ID when one of the gusts mysteriously disappers. She finds herself a target of men looking for the guest.

A private investigator is searching for the father he never knew and is drawn into solving cases involving a psychotic killer.

Father Tim is retired and takes on a new parish in the mountains with hill people.

This is a story of a girl uprooted from the home she ever remembers, to live the life that she was born into. She learns to love her real family and learns the English ways. She falls in love and comes to the knowledge that through Jesus Christ as her Saviour she can find love, peace and contentment.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Closed Monday

We're closed Monday, September 4 in observance of Labor Day.

You can renew your items online, or put them in the book drop. We re-open Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Adult Services Display Cases

Do you have an interesting collection of an educational, recreational, civic, or cultural nature?
Would you like to show your collection in our display cases?
Contact the Adult Services Dept. to schedule your display!