Monday, September 18, 2006

"Readers Reviews!"

Getting Old Is Murder by: Rita Lakin (M/LAK)
Gladdy and her gang of retirees solve the mystery of who is murdering the seniors!

Aruba by: David Holloway (NB/362.8 HOL)
Natalee Holloway's birth father tells his tale of trying to find out what happened to his daughter in Aruba and of all the corruption he found in the police department and government.

Gardenias for Breakfast by: Robin Jones Gunn (F/GUN)
A story about a woman and her daughter who trek across the country in search of the mother's
"Perfect Summer."

Splintered Icon by: Bill Napier (F/NAP)
Book dealer helps to translate a 400 year old journal to find a relic of the Holy Cross.

The End of Emerald Woods by: David J. Walker (M/WAL)
The treasurer of a small environmental group is framed for theft of money from a carnival. The money is to be used to fight a huge developer from destroying a small wooded area for a mega mall.

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