Monday, October 23, 2006

"Reader Reviews!"

Highland Hopes by : Gary E. Parker ( F/PAR)
A life's story told by a grandmother to her grandaughter about her life in the Blue Ridge
Mountains. She tells of her hardships, sorrows, joys, and of her faith in God in all things.

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven by: Fannie Flagg (NB/F/FLA) (NB/F/LP/FLA) (CD/FLA)
When Elner is picking figs, she's attacked by wasps and falls -- is declared dead, and leaves a community in mourning. Then everything changes -- fun and confusion follow!

The Longest Pregnancy by: Melissa Fraterrigo (NB/F/FRA)
A series of short stories about exaggerated topics like pregnancy, swimming with sharks, and the strongest women in the world.

Dead Watch by: John Sandford (NB/F/SAN)
Jake Winter is hired by a top level governmental official to look into the death of a former U.S. senator. Suspenseful!

Last to Die by: James Grippando (F/GRI)
A murder mystery with 5 people named in a will but only the last to die will inherit
$46 million dollars!

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