Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Dead Watch by: John Sandford
A thriller involving a missing former senator, his wife, politics, and a former intelligence

Once Upon a Day by: Lisa Tucker
Two grown children of a famous man, raised in isolation, seek to know their past and adjust
to the present.

With Heart by: Dorothy Garlock
A saga in the 1930's about a girl who goes to a corrupt town to co-own a newspaper, falls in love,
and helps clean up the town.

The Dead Angler by: Victoria Houston
Doc Osborne and Chief Lewellen Ferris are flyfishing one evening and Doc steps upon a dead body in the water. They work together to solve the mystery.

Separate Roads by: Judith Pella
The adventures of a brother and sister as they try to get to California during the Civil War.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Library Board elections

The Candidate's Guide for those interesting in running for the library board are available at the library. Petitions and forms have to be filed by Febrary 5th, 2007, for the April 17, 2007 election.

Visit the library and pick up a packet for more information.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Reader Review"

Black list by Sara Paretsky
V. I. Warshewski, PI solves the mystery of what is going on at an empty mansion.

Deadman's Poker by James Swain
Tony Valentine goes to Las Vegas to investigate claims of cheating during the world's biggest poker tournament.

Beyond Eden by Catherine Coulter
Lindsay Fox ('Eden') is raped by her brother-in-law and changes her life by becoming a model.

Bitter Medicine by Sara Paretsky
V. I. Warshewski investigates the death of a friend in an emergency room. This leads to many other problems.

Reckless Endangerment by Robert K Tanenbaum
Butch Karp investigates three murders that his family is involved before anything is solved.

"Reader Reviews!"

The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry
Two groups search for the Great Devise, which in the wrong hands, could change the civilized

Eight of Swords by David Skibbins
Story of a "tarot card reader" who is embroiled in a kidnapping and murder and who assists in finding the kidnapped victom and helps find the murderer - Highly recommended!!

Miss Prim by Jane Myers Perrine
A matronly aunt finds an unexpected adventure and rekindled romance with an old beau.

McNally's Risk by Lawrence Sanders
Archy McNally, a Palm Beach PI is asked to investigate a mysterious lady. He is intrigged with her, but finally finds out her evil past.

Hemlock Bay by Catherine Coulter
FBI Agent Savich and Sherlock try to help Savich's sister find stolen paintings. Good plot twists and keeps you glued to the pages.