Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Reader Reviews!"

The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry
Two groups search for the Great Devise, which in the wrong hands, could change the civilized

Eight of Swords by David Skibbins
Story of a "tarot card reader" who is embroiled in a kidnapping and murder and who assists in finding the kidnapped victom and helps find the murderer - Highly recommended!!

Miss Prim by Jane Myers Perrine
A matronly aunt finds an unexpected adventure and rekindled romance with an old beau.

McNally's Risk by Lawrence Sanders
Archy McNally, a Palm Beach PI is asked to investigate a mysterious lady. He is intrigged with her, but finally finds out her evil past.

Hemlock Bay by Catherine Coulter
FBI Agent Savich and Sherlock try to help Savich's sister find stolen paintings. Good plot twists and keeps you glued to the pages.

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