Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Dead Watch by: John Sandford
A thriller involving a missing former senator, his wife, politics, and a former intelligence

Once Upon a Day by: Lisa Tucker
Two grown children of a famous man, raised in isolation, seek to know their past and adjust
to the present.

With Heart by: Dorothy Garlock
A saga in the 1930's about a girl who goes to a corrupt town to co-own a newspaper, falls in love,
and helps clean up the town.

The Dead Angler by: Victoria Houston
Doc Osborne and Chief Lewellen Ferris are flyfishing one evening and Doc steps upon a dead body in the water. They work together to solve the mystery.

Separate Roads by: Judith Pella
The adventures of a brother and sister as they try to get to California during the Civil War.

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