Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

The Secret Supper by: Javier Sierra
This mystery is about Leonardo daVinci's painting of the Last Supper and the secret messages hidden in the painting.

Final Fore by: Roberta Isleib
Golf pro and amateur sleuth Cassie Burdette is being stalked via internet E-mails while playing in the PGA Women's Open. When an opponent is murdered, Cassie resolves to find out if her stalker and the murderer are the same person.

The Girls by: Lori Lansens
The life story of two conjoined twins living in Canada and the nurse and husband who adopted them.

The Templar Legacy by: Steve Berry
The story is about how the templar knights are still around and how they are trying to regain their legitimacy. A good story.

Killing Kelly by: Heather Graham
This book is about a daytime soap star who is stalked and almost killed by a psycopath who hates advice columnists which is the role she plays.

Angels Flight by: Tracie Peterson
A great story about a young Mexican who is accused of beating and raping a woman. The book
tells the tale of the arrest, preliminary hearing, and the trial.

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