Saturday, March 31, 2007

April-May 2007 Newsletter

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April is a busy month, and also includes National Library Week!

We've got a number of health related programs, a poetry reading, information for first time home buyers, movies, and "Total White Sox!"

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Devil In the White City by: Erik Larson
A great way to learn about what Chicago was like in the late 1800's and to see the impact an event like the World's Fair Colombian Exposition had on so many. Interestingly juxtaposed with story of a serial killer operating under cover of the fair.

Death in the Orchid Garden by: Ann Ripley
Louise's exciting trip to Hawaii turns miserable as the filming of a gardening show becomes a battle ground. Big names, large egoes, old disagreements, and fresh accusations are followed up with two murders. Louise unwillingly starts considering the others in her 'company' for means, motive and opportunity. Will she become victim #3?

Abide With Me by: Elizabeth Stout
When Rev. Tyler Caskey's young wife dies of cancer, he leans on his faith in God to work through his grief and raise his 2 young daughters. The Hymn "Abide with Me" becomes his rallying cry.

McNelly Knows a Ranger by Louis L'Amour
Twenty-one year old Chick Bowdrie becomes a Texas Ranger. His first assignment is to pursue the murderer of his former boss Noah Whipple who treated Chick like a son. A good Wild West read (or listen). The tape had sound effects and different actors reading the different parts.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Never Let Me Go by: Kazuo Ishiguro
Haunting tale about growing up in an elite school in the English countryside as children cloned to be organ donors.

A Good Year by: Peter Mayle
The story takes place in wine country in Provence, France where a transplanted British protagonist acquires a Provencal vineyard left to him by his dead uncle. You learn a little about the wine business and the French people.

A Dollar Short by: Karin Gillespie
Quirky, humorous account of two South Carolina sisters, Chiffon and Chenille, who overcome their differences in dealing with man and mother problems with help from the interesting women from the Bottom Dollar General Store.

Leota's Garden by: Francine Rivers
85 year old Leota's garden is in ruins as is her relationship with her son George and daughter Eleanor. But when her grandaughter reaches out to her wanting to know her grandmother, Leota finds new hope; teaches her grandaughter to care for the garden; and grows new relationships/friendships with her neughbors who had been strangers.

Loop Group by: Larry Mc Murty
Maggie and best friend Connie take a vacation from Hollywood and their Loop Group (which loops movies) to travel to Texas. Along the way, they meet a "friendly" traveler who steals their car, they rack up $15, 000 in buying souvenirs, and they discover they really love living in Hollywood and hurry back to it.

Mozzarella Most Murderous by: Nancy Fairbanks
Carolyn Blue, a food reviewer, has to endure romantic Italy at a hotel without her husband who is unable to get to Italy due to an airline strike. When an acquaintance is killed, she goes about helping find the murderer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Aunt Dimity's Death by: Nancy Atherton
When Lori was a little girl her mother told her bedtime stories of an "Aunt Dimity." After her mother died she found out "Aunt Dimity " was a real peson and she has left her estate to Lori.
But, before Lori can claim the estate she must find a secret hidden in the letters written by her mother and Aunt Dimity.

Icy Sparks by: Gwyn Hyman Rubio
Icy grew up in rural Kentucky in the 1950's. She had Tourette Syndrome but went undiagnosed until her college years. She was an outcast in her town and was even sent to a mental hospital.
When she was older she came to the understanding that God created her and loves her just as she is. She changed her angry thinking and started to befriend people. She now thinks of her Tourette's as a blessing that helped her become the person she is today.

Burned by: Cariol Higgins Clark
This mystery takes place in Hawaii. A snow storm in New York prevents private investigator Regan Reilly from going to New York to plan her wedding with her fiance Jack and her mother so she decides to meet her friend Kit in Hawaii for one last girl's weekend before her marriage.
A body washes ashore at the hotel she will be staying at and the manager asks for her help to
solve the mystery.

Across the Years by: Tracie Peterson
A pregnant woman who lost her husband during World War 1 started a new life only to find out her husband is really alive! They finally re-unite 11 years later.

Big Fish by: Daniel Wallace
As Edward Bloom is dying his son William spends time recounting his father's tales and jokes about his life. Through this retelling of stories, William tries to understand and make peace with the man who was his father.

Yours and Mine by: Debbie Macomber
Two single parents are brought together by their respective 11 year old daughters, who are best friends and appointed themselves match-makers.

Absentee Voting Application

The Reference Desk has Absentee Ballot Applications for the Consolidated Election, April 17, 2007.

To vote absentee by mail, the completed form must be received at the Cook County Clerk's Office in Chicago before Thursday, April 12, 2007.

Vore more details on the upcoming election, or absentee voting, visit the Cook County's Voter Information Web Site.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Hawk O' Toole's Hostage by: Sandra Brown
Little did Miranda Price realize that a simple vacation train trip would turn into a dangerous adventure in which she and her young son would be taken hostage by Indians who want to force the government to reopen mines that provide jobs for tribe members.

Alison's Automotive Repair Manual by: Brad Barkley
After Alison's husband dies, she stops teaching and takes a long sabbatical so she can work through her grief. She puts her time and energy into fixing up a "76 Corvette."The irony is that she knows nothing about fixing cars. She relies upon a repair manual and two locals who know about cars and car parts to help her fix the car. The closer the car is to being totally repaired the closer Alison is to her own emotional healing.

Short Straw by: Stuart Woods
On his 50th birthday, attorney Ed Eagle's wife leaves him and steals a million dollars in personal funds and even more money from the company funds. Ed sends two men to Mexico to find his wife. This book is full of surprises, twists and turns. It's an exciting read!

The Last Suppers: by: Diane Mott Davidson
Goldy Bear is getting married! It's the classic story of the bride left at the altar with a twist. The priest who was to marry her has been murdered; and her detective fiance, who is investigating the priest's murder, is now missing. Goldy must now do her own sleuthing to find the murderer and her missing fiance.

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven by: Fannie Flagg
90- something Elner Shimfissle falls off a ladder while picking figs. She flat-lines, spends 3 hours in Heaven, and then .... comes back to life. In the meantime, the whole town thinks Elner is dead and prepares for her funeral. Elner awakes to a roomful of funeral flowers in her hospital room.
Elner's "rebirth" gives many of her friends and family a new start as well as they examine their lives and make changes for the better.

Reader Reviews

Body Double by: Tess Gerritsen
This is a good psychological thriller. When Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles finds a dead woman outside her home (a woman who has her same blood type, birth date, and looks), Maura begins a journey to investigate her parentage, a journey in which she uncovers a serial killer who targets pregnant women. Could that killer be her biological father?

The Tooth of Time: A Maxie and Stretch Mystery by: Sue Henry
This book is a murder mystery and a travelogue rolled into one. Alaska resident Maxie McNabb (and her dog Stretch) travel to Taos, NM, (in her Winnebago) where she befriends a woman who is later found dead. Is it suicide? or murder? Maxie solves that mystery but not that of the death of a man found dead in a dye vat. I have a feeling that that loose end will find itself in the next Maxie & Stretch mystery book I enjoyed this book and will read more Maxie and Stretch mysteries. I like the fact that all the ends aren't tied up--it's more realistic, less formula-novel-like.

Harvest by: Tess Gerritsen
Second-year resident Dr. Abby DiMatteo discovers her hospital's cardiac transplant department is in league with the Russian mob to harvest organs. In her quest to make this known, she endangers her own life. This author writes an excellent suspense novel.

Mrs. Pollifax on Safari by: Dorothy Gilman
The CIA sends grandmotherly and widowed Mrs. Pollifax on Safari to take pictures of those on the safari in hopes of capturing on film a picture of an elusive assassin. Before she can complete her mission, she is kidnapped by terrorists and then rescued by an old friend. Mrs. Pollifax finds adventure and a new love in this book.

Cold Fall by: John Gardner
This is the first book I've ever read in which a character dies 3 times (no, it's not James Bond). And it's the first James Bond book I've ever read. James Bond's assignment is to investigate the crash of Flight 229. His investigation leads him to a fanatical society code-named COLD- the Children Of the Last Days'- and its madman leader who wants to see James dead.