Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Reader Reviews

Body Double by: Tess Gerritsen
This is a good psychological thriller. When Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles finds a dead woman outside her home (a woman who has her same blood type, birth date, and looks), Maura begins a journey to investigate her parentage, a journey in which she uncovers a serial killer who targets pregnant women. Could that killer be her biological father?

The Tooth of Time: A Maxie and Stretch Mystery by: Sue Henry
This book is a murder mystery and a travelogue rolled into one. Alaska resident Maxie McNabb (and her dog Stretch) travel to Taos, NM, (in her Winnebago) where she befriends a woman who is later found dead. Is it suicide? or murder? Maxie solves that mystery but not that of the death of a man found dead in a dye vat. I have a feeling that that loose end will find itself in the next Maxie & Stretch mystery book I enjoyed this book and will read more Maxie and Stretch mysteries. I like the fact that all the ends aren't tied up--it's more realistic, less formula-novel-like.

Harvest by: Tess Gerritsen
Second-year resident Dr. Abby DiMatteo discovers her hospital's cardiac transplant department is in league with the Russian mob to harvest organs. In her quest to make this known, she endangers her own life. This author writes an excellent suspense novel.

Mrs. Pollifax on Safari by: Dorothy Gilman
The CIA sends grandmotherly and widowed Mrs. Pollifax on Safari to take pictures of those on the safari in hopes of capturing on film a picture of an elusive assassin. Before she can complete her mission, she is kidnapped by terrorists and then rescued by an old friend. Mrs. Pollifax finds adventure and a new love in this book.

Cold Fall by: John Gardner
This is the first book I've ever read in which a character dies 3 times (no, it's not James Bond). And it's the first James Bond book I've ever read. James Bond's assignment is to investigate the crash of Flight 229. His investigation leads him to a fanatical society code-named COLD- the Children Of the Last Days'- and its madman leader who wants to see James dead.

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