Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Aunt Dimity's Death by: Nancy Atherton
When Lori was a little girl her mother told her bedtime stories of an "Aunt Dimity." After her mother died she found out "Aunt Dimity " was a real peson and she has left her estate to Lori.
But, before Lori can claim the estate she must find a secret hidden in the letters written by her mother and Aunt Dimity.

Icy Sparks by: Gwyn Hyman Rubio
Icy grew up in rural Kentucky in the 1950's. She had Tourette Syndrome but went undiagnosed until her college years. She was an outcast in her town and was even sent to a mental hospital.
When she was older she came to the understanding that God created her and loves her just as she is. She changed her angry thinking and started to befriend people. She now thinks of her Tourette's as a blessing that helped her become the person she is today.

Burned by: Cariol Higgins Clark
This mystery takes place in Hawaii. A snow storm in New York prevents private investigator Regan Reilly from going to New York to plan her wedding with her fiance Jack and her mother so she decides to meet her friend Kit in Hawaii for one last girl's weekend before her marriage.
A body washes ashore at the hotel she will be staying at and the manager asks for her help to
solve the mystery.

Across the Years by: Tracie Peterson
A pregnant woman who lost her husband during World War 1 started a new life only to find out her husband is really alive! They finally re-unite 11 years later.

Big Fish by: Daniel Wallace
As Edward Bloom is dying his son William spends time recounting his father's tales and jokes about his life. Through this retelling of stories, William tries to understand and make peace with the man who was his father.

Yours and Mine by: Debbie Macomber
Two single parents are brought together by their respective 11 year old daughters, who are best friends and appointed themselves match-makers.

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