Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Never Let Me Go by: Kazuo Ishiguro
Haunting tale about growing up in an elite school in the English countryside as children cloned to be organ donors.

A Good Year by: Peter Mayle
The story takes place in wine country in Provence, France where a transplanted British protagonist acquires a Provencal vineyard left to him by his dead uncle. You learn a little about the wine business and the French people.

A Dollar Short by: Karin Gillespie
Quirky, humorous account of two South Carolina sisters, Chiffon and Chenille, who overcome their differences in dealing with man and mother problems with help from the interesting women from the Bottom Dollar General Store.

Leota's Garden by: Francine Rivers
85 year old Leota's garden is in ruins as is her relationship with her son George and daughter Eleanor. But when her grandaughter reaches out to her wanting to know her grandmother, Leota finds new hope; teaches her grandaughter to care for the garden; and grows new relationships/friendships with her neughbors who had been strangers.

Loop Group by: Larry Mc Murty
Maggie and best friend Connie take a vacation from Hollywood and their Loop Group (which loops movies) to travel to Texas. Along the way, they meet a "friendly" traveler who steals their car, they rack up $15, 000 in buying souvenirs, and they discover they really love living in Hollywood and hurry back to it.

Mozzarella Most Murderous by: Nancy Fairbanks
Carolyn Blue, a food reviewer, has to endure romantic Italy at a hotel without her husband who is unable to get to Italy due to an airline strike. When an acquaintance is killed, she goes about helping find the murderer.

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