Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Devil In the White City by: Erik Larson
A great way to learn about what Chicago was like in the late 1800's and to see the impact an event like the World's Fair Colombian Exposition had on so many. Interestingly juxtaposed with story of a serial killer operating under cover of the fair.

Death in the Orchid Garden by: Ann Ripley
Louise's exciting trip to Hawaii turns miserable as the filming of a gardening show becomes a battle ground. Big names, large egoes, old disagreements, and fresh accusations are followed up with two murders. Louise unwillingly starts considering the others in her 'company' for means, motive and opportunity. Will she become victim #3?

Abide With Me by: Elizabeth Stout
When Rev. Tyler Caskey's young wife dies of cancer, he leans on his faith in God to work through his grief and raise his 2 young daughters. The Hymn "Abide with Me" becomes his rallying cry.

McNelly Knows a Ranger by Louis L'Amour
Twenty-one year old Chick Bowdrie becomes a Texas Ranger. His first assignment is to pursue the murderer of his former boss Noah Whipple who treated Chick like a son. A good Wild West read (or listen). The tape had sound effects and different actors reading the different parts.

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