Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Hey, Good Looking by: Fern Michaels
The story is about 3 aunts and 1 niece and how their lives are changed completely by the death of the next door neighbor's son whom they helped raise. Great book!

Silent Star by: Tracie Peterson
This story takes place at Christmas time and is about a WWII telegram messenger who is tormented by having to deliver telegrams , in his hometown, notifying relatives of soldiers

Can This Be Christmas? by: Debbie Macomber
Everyone wants to get home for Christmas, but a snowstorm strands travelers in a train depot on Christmas Eve. The townsfolk befriend the travelers with hot food. A teen choir comes caroling. A small Christmas tree is found and soon decorated with hats, scarves, yarn, paper snowflakes, etc. The travelers find hope and experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Caught Dead in Philadelphia by: Gillian Roberts
Liza Nicols, part-time teacher/wanna-be actress and fiance to an almost-senator, is murdered!
There's a secret to hide, and another death occurs to keep the secret hidden. Amanda Pepper joins forces with a detective to solve the case.

Don Lundquist, Jr. Reads His Poetry

Did you miss hearing Don Lundquist, Jr. at the library? Listen here!

Author Visit:
Don Lundquist Jr., author of

At Least He Shuts Up When He Writes and the upcoming Donut Dance!

Listen to:Don Lundquist, Jr. read his poetry!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Tales from a Village School by: Miss Read
There are 40 stories about a village school teacher. In one story, Miss Read has to throw away the homemade Christmas cards because the kids signed them "from Mary" which is the teacher's first name! The stories are very entertaining.

The Swallow and the Tom Cat: a love story by: Jorge Amado
This fable tells the story of a swallow and Tom Cat who fall in love but, alas, due to family pressures and conventions of society cannot be married. The swallow marries the nightingale, and the cat moves to a faraway place, taking his happy memories with him.

All Eve's Hollows by: Dean Wesley Smith
Billy Stein is recruited as a city knight. Her job is to help keep the balance between Humans and the Fantastics. It turns out she has great magical power and helps to save the world from a wicked sorceress.

Chill of Fear by: Kay Hooper
Strangers Quentin Hayes and Diana Brisco are connected through their psychic gifts which they use to solve unresolved murders that took place over a 25 year period at a secluded lodge.

H.R.H. by: Danielle Steel
A young modern princess struggling to make her life in the wider world more meaningful clashes with her family's expectations.

Beautiful Lies by: Lisa Unger
Thirty-something Ridley Jones saves a child from being hit by a car. Her picture is on every paper for awhile; and someone, seeing her picture, leaves her a note asking if she is his daughter.
Ridley didn't know she was adopted. She didn't know her birth mother had been murdered.
Now Ridley's life is in danger as she asks questions and discovers an illegal adoption ring from
which she came.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quilts 002

Local artist, Betty J. Klode, is displaying her Quilts from April 2, 2007 through May 15, 2007. Next time your in the Library be sure to visit the Art Wall where you can view this beautiful display!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For Dummies Book Display

Why is there a mannequin in the library?

She's posing for our "For Dummies" book display.

The publisher of the "For Dummies" books is holding a contest for the best display in a library. Winners will be announced in late June.

"Reader's Reviews"

A Light in the Window by: Tracie Peterson
A Christian story of a woman in the Alaskan Territory who becomes a public nurse, meets her future husband and how they decide to deliver God's word along with the medical help.

The Queen of the Big Time by: Adriana Trigiani
At 15, Nella must leave school to work in the factory after her father is hurt by an on-the-job explosion. She leaves behind her dream to go to college and chooses a new dream; to own her own factory. She marries Franco and together they eventually do buy a factory. It's a good book about Italian families, customs, and beliefs.

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by: James Patterson
Katie thinks she's found love in Matt. He disappears but leaves her a diary to read. It's about his first wife and son who die in a car accident when she has a heart attack.

Angels Fall by: Nora Roberts
A gourmet cook, running from a horrible crime and nightmares, settles in a small town in Wyoming. She sees another murder but no one believes her but a writer who is a loner.

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
This book chronicles what life was like for one day in the camps during communist reign.
This man survived for 10 years!

Summer Garden Murder by: Ann Ripley
Louise Eldridge, a famous TV gardener, is shaken to hear that Peter Hoffman, a murderer she helped jail, has been released. When his body, and later a second body are found in her garden
she needs to solve the murders to keep her job and to stay out of jail.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Do you need more energy?

Come hear the tips & tricks at the first lecture in our Spring Wellness Series!
This week's topic: Peak Energy Solution.
Thursday, April 5 @ 6:30 p.m. Free. Read more, and sign-up here!

See the rest of our upcoming events.

"Reader Reviews"

Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry by: Harry Kemelman
Rumor had it the Rabbi allowed a suicide to be buried in the Temple cemetary. With his friend, the police chief, he proves the death to be murder.

A Necessary Evil by: Alex Kava
People who were abused by priests when they were children have joined an internet game where they submit the name of the priest who abused them and pretend to kill them. Turns out these priests are really getting killed!

The Prophetess by: Barbara Wood
An archeologist on a dig in Egypt finds a basket of scrolls in an ancient well she believes is the well of Miriam, sister of Moses. She tries to translate the scrolls and at the same time keep them out of the hands of relic collectors and a disapproving church.

The Shop on Blossom Street by: Debbie Macomber
Lydia, a survivor of two bouts of cancer, opens a shop called "A Good Yarn" (which sells yarn and supplies) as an affirmation of life gesture. Lydia offers a knitting class in her shop. Lydia and the three diverse women that attend the class become friends who share their joys, sorrows, and life crisis.

In the Name of Salome by: Julia Alvarez
This book tells about the famous Dominican poet, Salome Urena and her daughter Camila, who has been teaching at colleges in the U.S. Each chapter alternates between mother and daughter. At the end of the book, the stories meet and you realize the impact of each woman's life on the other. This was a very interesting book that might open your eyes a little bit to Dominican and Cuban history.

Bloodsucking Fiends by: Christopher Moore
Entertaining tale of a girl turned vampire and the way she figures out how to survive by adopting a "daytime companion" who can accomplish things for her when it's light out. A quick, funny read.