Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry by: Harry Kemelman
Rumor had it the Rabbi allowed a suicide to be buried in the Temple cemetary. With his friend, the police chief, he proves the death to be murder.

A Necessary Evil by: Alex Kava
People who were abused by priests when they were children have joined an internet game where they submit the name of the priest who abused them and pretend to kill them. Turns out these priests are really getting killed!

The Prophetess by: Barbara Wood
An archeologist on a dig in Egypt finds a basket of scrolls in an ancient well she believes is the well of Miriam, sister of Moses. She tries to translate the scrolls and at the same time keep them out of the hands of relic collectors and a disapproving church.

The Shop on Blossom Street by: Debbie Macomber
Lydia, a survivor of two bouts of cancer, opens a shop called "A Good Yarn" (which sells yarn and supplies) as an affirmation of life gesture. Lydia offers a knitting class in her shop. Lydia and the three diverse women that attend the class become friends who share their joys, sorrows, and life crisis.

In the Name of Salome by: Julia Alvarez
This book tells about the famous Dominican poet, Salome Urena and her daughter Camila, who has been teaching at colleges in the U.S. Each chapter alternates between mother and daughter. At the end of the book, the stories meet and you realize the impact of each woman's life on the other. This was a very interesting book that might open your eyes a little bit to Dominican and Cuban history.

Bloodsucking Fiends by: Christopher Moore
Entertaining tale of a girl turned vampire and the way she figures out how to survive by adopting a "daytime companion" who can accomplish things for her when it's light out. A quick, funny read.

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