Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Tales from a Village School by: Miss Read
There are 40 stories about a village school teacher. In one story, Miss Read has to throw away the homemade Christmas cards because the kids signed them "from Mary" which is the teacher's first name! The stories are very entertaining.

The Swallow and the Tom Cat: a love story by: Jorge Amado
This fable tells the story of a swallow and Tom Cat who fall in love but, alas, due to family pressures and conventions of society cannot be married. The swallow marries the nightingale, and the cat moves to a faraway place, taking his happy memories with him.

All Eve's Hollows by: Dean Wesley Smith
Billy Stein is recruited as a city knight. Her job is to help keep the balance between Humans and the Fantastics. It turns out she has great magical power and helps to save the world from a wicked sorceress.

Chill of Fear by: Kay Hooper
Strangers Quentin Hayes and Diana Brisco are connected through their psychic gifts which they use to solve unresolved murders that took place over a 25 year period at a secluded lodge.

H.R.H. by: Danielle Steel
A young modern princess struggling to make her life in the wider world more meaningful clashes with her family's expectations.

Beautiful Lies by: Lisa Unger
Thirty-something Ridley Jones saves a child from being hit by a car. Her picture is on every paper for awhile; and someone, seeing her picture, leaves her a note asking if she is his daughter.
Ridley didn't know she was adopted. She didn't know her birth mother had been murdered.
Now Ridley's life is in danger as she asks questions and discovers an illegal adoption ring from
which she came.

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