Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Hey, Good Looking by: Fern Michaels
The story is about 3 aunts and 1 niece and how their lives are changed completely by the death of the next door neighbor's son whom they helped raise. Great book!

Silent Star by: Tracie Peterson
This story takes place at Christmas time and is about a WWII telegram messenger who is tormented by having to deliver telegrams , in his hometown, notifying relatives of soldiers

Can This Be Christmas? by: Debbie Macomber
Everyone wants to get home for Christmas, but a snowstorm strands travelers in a train depot on Christmas Eve. The townsfolk befriend the travelers with hot food. A teen choir comes caroling. A small Christmas tree is found and soon decorated with hats, scarves, yarn, paper snowflakes, etc. The travelers find hope and experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Caught Dead in Philadelphia by: Gillian Roberts
Liza Nicols, part-time teacher/wanna-be actress and fiance to an almost-senator, is murdered!
There's a secret to hide, and another death occurs to keep the secret hidden. Amanda Pepper joins forces with a detective to solve the case.

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