Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Reader's Reviews"

A Light in the Window by: Tracie Peterson
A Christian story of a woman in the Alaskan Territory who becomes a public nurse, meets her future husband and how they decide to deliver God's word along with the medical help.

The Queen of the Big Time by: Adriana Trigiani
At 15, Nella must leave school to work in the factory after her father is hurt by an on-the-job explosion. She leaves behind her dream to go to college and chooses a new dream; to own her own factory. She marries Franco and together they eventually do buy a factory. It's a good book about Italian families, customs, and beliefs.

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by: James Patterson
Katie thinks she's found love in Matt. He disappears but leaves her a diary to read. It's about his first wife and son who die in a car accident when she has a heart attack.

Angels Fall by: Nora Roberts
A gourmet cook, running from a horrible crime and nightmares, settles in a small town in Wyoming. She sees another murder but no one believes her but a writer who is a loner.

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
This book chronicles what life was like for one day in the camps during communist reign.
This man survived for 10 years!

Summer Garden Murder by: Ann Ripley
Louise Eldridge, a famous TV gardener, is shaken to hear that Peter Hoffman, a murderer she helped jail, has been released. When his body, and later a second body are found in her garden
she needs to solve the murders to keep her job and to stay out of jail.

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