Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time by: Mark Haddon
When Christopher, a autistic boy, finds a dead dog he decides to find out what happened. His
investigation uncovers secret informtion about his mother.

American Appetites by: Joyce Carol Oates
50 year old Ian loves Glynnis. But when he does a good deed for for a younger woman, and doesn't tell Glynnis, Ian's world falls apart. His not telling has dire consequences he never could have imagined.

A Redbird Christmas by: Fanie Flagg
Oscar needs to leave Chicago and find a lung-healthy town, so says his doctor. He finds that town in Lost River, Georgia, as well as new friends and a new hobby, painting.

The Highly Effective Detective by: Richard Yancy
After his mom dies, leaving him a hefty inheritance, Teddy Ruzak quits his security job to open up his own detective agency. He hires waitress Felicia as his secretary. Their first case is to solve the hit- and- rundeath of goslings. This case dovetails with a murder that leads to two more murders. You will not be disappointed by this read. It's witty, engaging, and well written.

The Undomestic Goddess by: Sophie Kinsella
Workaholic Samantha makes 500 pounds an hour as a lawyer but has no life, no free time, no weekends. After loosing her firm 5 million pounds, she is fired and becomes a very inept housekeper. She's never avoided challenges so she learns to cook, and clean and finds love in the process.

Eat Cake by: Jeanne Ray
When Ruthie is stressed , she bakes cakes. When her husband Sam loses his job, Ruthie turns her avocation into a vocation and, with the help of her bickering parents and business-smart 16 -year -old daughter, begins a business called "Eat Cake." A most enjoyable book.

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