Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled by: Parnell Hall
Once again Cora runs into trouble as the Puzzle Lady. How can she defend herself against charges of theft and plagiarism without also admitting she doesn't actually construct the puzzles that appear under her name. When she is framed for the murder of her accuser she needs all her talents as a amateur sleuth to keep herself out of jail.

A Woman Betrayed by: Barbara Delinsky
After 20 years of marriage, you'd think you'd know your spouse pretty well. But when Laura's husband Jeff disappears, Laura realizes she didn't know Jeff at all, especially when the IRS tells Laura that Jeff has stolen money. Then Laura finds out Jeff had an affair as well before his disappearance. Laura shows resiliance in her overturned life and works hard to create a new future for herself and two children.

Double Dealer by: Barbara Taylor McCafferty
This series is about twins Bert & Nan. Each twin alternates in writing a chapter. In this book a crooked flea market vendor is murdered. Bert's daughter Ellie is the suspect. Bert & Nan set out to prove Ellie's innocence.

True to Form by: Elizabeth Berg
Set in the early 60's, this is a coming-to-age story of "Army brat" Katie.
Katie, wanting to be accepted by the in-crowd of her new school, must deal with the consequences of her behavior of betrayal to her true friend Cynthia.

Murder Gets a Life by: Anne George
Soon after MaryAlice meets her new daughter-in-law Sunshine, MaryAlice finds a dead body in Sunshine's trailer. Sunshine has also disappeared. MaryAlice and her sister Patricia Anne set out to solve the murder and find Sunshine. In the process, they are kidnapped.

The Nanny Diaries by: Emma McLaughlin
21-year-old Nan works part-time as a Nanny for 4-year old Grayor as she completes her Senior year of college working on a child development
degree. What begins as a 12-hour weekly job grows into a 40 to 50 -hour job as she caters to the whims of Mrs. X, Grayor's mother, who is so self-absorbed she has little time for Grayor .

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