Monday, June 18, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Maggie's Miracle by: Karen Kingsbury
Maggie's parents divorced, and Maggie gave up on love. But she met
13-year old Kade who told her there was a love told about in the Bible, a love that never fails, never ends. Kade promises to pray that Maggie finds that kind of love.

Finnegan's Week by: Joseph Wambaugh
By the end of Finnegan's week, Detective Fin Finnegan has been rejected for an acting part he wanted; has worked with two attractive female detectives, one of which he may make wife #4 someday; and has solved a case about a stolen waste truck which resulted in the deaths of 6 people.

The Recycled Citizen by: Charlotte Macleod
A member of the Citizen's Recycling Center is found dead. When the Kellings, the Center's owners, are found to be in the dead man's will, they become suspects. Detective Max Bittersohn, Sarah Kelling's husband, helps solve the mystery.

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