Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

Hannah's Hope by: Karen Kingsbury
Fifteen-year-old Hannah, who buries herself in activities to run from the neglect of parents too involved in politics to see her more than two visits a year, learns she has a second father, her biological father. She prays for a Christmas miracle that will bring her the family she longs for.

Ain't She Sweet? by: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Sugar Beth, once rich and nasty in high school, has returned to her hometown broke but not broken...looking for a second chance. Her "friends" have other ideas.

City of Bones by: Martha Wells
Good sci-fi story of a futuristic landscape with a inhospitable climate of
sand, heat and water shortage. The hero is a manufactured species developed to live on no water in the wasteland.

Stalker by: Faye Kellerman
A Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus novel featuring Peter's daughter,Cindy, as a rookie cop undergoing the "growing pains" of being new and a woman in a male world. Someone is stalking Cindy. In a fearless, brash way, she interacts with her co-workers and finds herself involved in her father's case as well. A good solid series with good characterizations.

Exclusive by: Sandra Brown
Reporter , Barry Travis, investigates the SIDS death of the President's baby boy only to discover that the baby was murdered.


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