Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Reader Reviews"

The Handmaid an the Carpenter by: Elizabeth Berg
The author retells the Christmas story and fleshes out Mary and Joseph. She details Jewish traditions, and shows the struggles and challenges the young couple must have faced.

Before I Wake by: Dee Henderson
This was a easy read about a new private detective trying to prove a woman was murdered in her sleep rather than dying of natural causes.

Twelve Golden Threads by: Aliske Webb
A Grandma teaches her two granddaughters to quilt, and the 12 lessons she teaches them that are needed to make quilts are 12 lessons to apply in life: commitment, goals, integrity, etc.

Gideon's Gift by: Karen Kingsbury
Eight-year-old Gideon has leukemia; and 51-year-old Earl has no home. When Earl's wife and child died in an accident on Christmas, Earl gave up on life. Gideon meets Earl when she serves him rolls at the mission. Gideon wants to make Earl smile, but Earl only growls when she tells him "Christmas miracles happen to those who believe." Gideon's gift of red mittens puts Earl back on track. Earl, in turn, gives Gideon a gift that makes a miracle.

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