Saturday, June 21, 2008

Advanced eBay © : The Next Step to Selling on eBay © :How to Process Sold Items

Vivienne Porter returns! Now that you've sold your items on eBay how do you maneuver around your eBay account? This next eBay lecture will take you into more details on the famous internet auction web site. You will learn how to edit a live auction, and how to see how many people have looked at your auction. You will also learn how to process sold auctions with invoices, and packing slips. Next you will see how to process payments through the PayPal web site, alond with how to pay your eBay fees, generating positive feedback, handling disputes, unpaid items and much, much more.
Please register for this program by calling or stopping by the Adult Services Desk. (708) 474-2447.

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