Monday, July 07, 2008

"Reader Review"

Newton by: Peter Ackroyd
Say the name “Sir Isaac Newton”, and I would think “laws of gravity” or “apple”.Before I read this book, that is. Now I’ll think of calculus, optics, alchemy, tides and England’s Mint. I didn’t realize what a genius he was or in how many fields he made great advances and was an expert.

Free Fire by: C. J. Box
Having recently lost his job as a Wyoming game warden, Joe Pickett is recruited by the devious governor Rulon to oversee a murder investigation involving a confessed killer and overlapping jurisdictions that enabled the man's release.

Three Wishes by: Barbara Delinsky
A woman has an "out of body" experience due to an accident. All she remembers is a bright light and a strong feeling that she has been granted "3 Wishes". Unsure of the whole situation and if it is true about the wishes; she starts thinking about using the "wishes". It is a love story of one woman and a town - a man - and family. *P.S. How would you use 3 wishes if you were given them?

Die Laughing by Carola Dunn
Daisy Dalrymple (now married and expecting her first child) solves the murder of her dentist when his habit of inhaling "laughing" gas to relax, does just that...Permanently!

Lean Mean Thirteen by: Janet Evanovich
An excellent and fast paced read. Stephanie Plum is a single bounty hunter who has one mis-adventure after another. She has a handsome cop boyfriend (Morelli) and occasionally works for an exceptionally good-looking Cuban named Ranger(love the tension). She is feisty and bounces back like an heroin should (a rough version of Nancy Drew). She's a good role model for the modern woman. There are plenty of characters with conflicting personalities that add spice and humor. Even Plum's family gets involved (so life-like).

Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich
An Evanovich "Romance" still has the "fun" characters who could be friends with Stephanie Plum. The story is funny, fast moving, has elements of danger and intrigue. A pleasant, fast "read" which ends happily. Suspense, romance and some teasing developing sex.

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