Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reader Review

Last Lecture by: Randy Pausch
A very good book - but sad. The author is a professor at a famous college and he gives his last lecture. He knows he is dying of pancreatic cancer and he wants to leave his family a tribute of his life. It's also a great uplifting book that makes you think about enjoying life while we are still on earth!

The year of Fog by: Michelle Richmond
This book is about a 6-year-old girl taken from her dad's girlfriend on the beach in California in the fog and the year it took finding her. What Abby went through to find Emma. The twist of events and the starling end was great, but I did not like some of the end.

Scarlet Thread by: Francine Rivers
This book tells the story of 2 different women from different generations who are related. They both struggle with family and faith. When their life is at the lowest, one loses her husband and travels to Oregon and LA and the other's marriage suffers; they find their need for God. They both grow spiritually and their lives come together again. Sierra and Alex find their way back together and are a family at the very end. A very good book!

Heaven and Earth by: Nora Roberts
A woman wants a typical lifestyle however; she has special powers that hinder this. She struggles her adult life to get her powers under control.

Tweak by: Nic Sheff
Nic Sheff writes about growing up on methamphetamines. He goes through excessive drug addiction and abuse and finding out who he really is through rehab and staying sober.

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