Friday, July 18, 2008

Reader Review

The Cat that said Cheese by: Lilian Jackson Braun
Though I read Murder on the Orient Express and a collection of Sherlock Holmes mysteries (both excellent books), my favorite was by Braun. Her book was light-hearted with many interesting characters in a small, fictional town. I was unable to guess the culprit even to the end (as in the other books). I think I will read some of her other books in the near future.

Round the Corner, Undivided Heart, A Place to Belong by: Vonette Bright/Nancy Moser
Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser have written a four-book, gentle read series called The Sister Circle. Evelyn Peerbaugh is recently widowed and has no money. She decides to turn her home into a boarding house. The women who come into her home bring their burdens and faith (or lack of it) and bond as the grow through their problems together.

All the Way From Texas by: Carolyn Brown
This is an Avalon Romance which doubles as a travelogue as reporter Molly Baker and photo journalist Caron Rhodes are sent on a 10 state photo journalism tour by their professor as part of their final grade for his class. Will a career for them both result?

The Thin Woman by: Dorothy Cannell
This debut novel in a popular mystery series features witty dialogue, likable characters and a believable mystery within a mystery.

Gone for Good by: Harlan Coben
Is he dead or alive and did he do it? Will has always wondered this about his older brother Ken. Eleven years ago Will's ex-girlfriend, Julie, is found dead and Ken has been blamed. Now 11 years later Ken has been spotted and Will's current girlfriend Shelia is now missing.

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