Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reader Review

Dear John by: Nicholas Sparks
John and Savannah meet and their lives change. They fall in love after a few days and they think their love will last. John is in the army and their separation is hard on their relationship. Savannah ends up falling in love with her friend Tim, and she breaks things off with John. Years later John visits Savannah. They both still love each other. Tim is sick and John gives his savings to help save him. He realizes what love is all about. They go on with their lives but they both continue to remember their love by going outside on the fool moon and remembering their time together.

Wolves Eat Dogs
by: Martin Cruz Smith
Arkad Y. Renko gets sent to Chernobyl to solve a murder. This book also introduces Evankaza and Zhenko. They become central people in his personal life. This is a good and interesting story. Cruz Smith gets the Russian cold war mind set.

A New Earth - Awakening To Your Life's Purpose
by: Eckhart Tolle
This is a very interesting and eye-opening book that explains the ego and how our world is ego driven. This is the cause of all the problems and suffering we experience. In order to have a better world, we need to live "in the now" because all we have is the present moment. That realization gives us access to the power of life itself - God, and that God is manifesting every moment of our life. Everybody and everything is all part of God.

How to Be Single: a novel by: Liz Tuccillo
Five distinct New York women ranging from Georgia, a divorced mother of two, to publicist Julie, deal with being single in the city. Julie gets an idea to travel the world to see how women around the world handle their solo status, while her friends go through the ups and downs, joys and frowns in this real, and well-written novel.

by: Scott Turow
This is a mystery where a judge who is presiding over a case where the time limitation is up, is getting threatening e-mail messages against his life.

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