Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reader Review

Me, Myself and Bob: A True Story About Dreams, God and Talking Vegetables by: Phil Vischer
From an early age, Phil Vischer was good with electronics. When the computer-age came to the forefront, he learned all he could about programming and about what shows computers could produce. He wanted to do a quality show for kids using the newest graphics programs. He starts with a candy bar character; but when his wife said, "Moms will hate you if you make their kids fall in love with a candy bar," he changed the candy bar into a tomato called 'Bob' and the show "Veggie Tales" was born. The book chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of Phil's company, big ideas and the lessons he learned.

Money for Nothing by: Donald Westlake
If a company sent you $1,000 a month to do nothing (till a later, unspecified date), would you take it? And ten years later when you found out you were a "sleeper spy" whose time has come to earn you money, would you betray your country? And if you chose not to "earn" the money, could you use your wits to manipulate you "employer" without forfeiting your life? In such a predicament our antagonist finds himself.

Afterburn by: Zane
I enjoyed the story line so much, I hated having to put the book down. I appreciated the quotes throughout the novel relating to life and cherishing it. The last couple chapters touched me so much I found myself shedding a tear. The commentary by the author was moving and inspirational. Reading about the loss of the author's loved ones made me feel closer to her although we never met.

Red Kayak by: Priscilla Cummings
Brady is an 8th grade student who discovers the terrible truth behind a kayak sinking. He must decide whether or not to share his secret that will change the lives of his two friends and his own family. He decided to tell the truth after months of tormenting himself. He found the drill his friends used to drill the holes n the red kayak and caused Ben's death.

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