Friday, July 18, 2008

Reader Review

700 Sundays by: Billy Crystal
The comedian relates his Sunday time spent mainly with his dad for the few short years before he passed from a heart attack. It's a non-fictional tribute not only to him but his whole entire family- their closeness- their few sad but mostly funny escapades. It has nothing to do with Billy's career perse. He had "funny" genes running throughout his talented family. It's what a family should do- love and support each other - take care of each other - Laughter is the best medicine. What you see is what you get with Billy!

Eat Right 4 Your Type by: Peter J. D'Adamn
What exercise is best for you if you have Type A blood? What foods should you avoid if you're Type B? What foods cause you to gain/lose weight if you're Type O? This book answers those question for each blood type and gives some recipes for each type as well. (The book categorizes foods as to (1) beneficial (2) neutral, (3) should not eat!)

Angels Don't Die by: Patti Davis
The author tells how her father Ronald Reagan passed on his faith to her and taught her to pray through his words and consistent examples.

Death Train to Boston
by: Dianne Day
The Union and Southern Pacific Railroads were experiencing unusual problems and accidents. The train (S.P.R.), bound for Boston was blown up, derailed, a railroad bridge collapsed - part of a train fell in a gully. One member of J & K agency - Michael was injured - other partner Fremont was found by a religious zealot and he took her into his charge - when she recoverd he wanted to make her wife #6. How she came to escape and finally the partners found each other, an interesting story.

How to Be Cool by: Johanna Edwards
This was about a girl that had weight issues that she finally overcame as an adult. But still never felt as though she were thin. Regardless of her size she was always the same inside.

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