Monday, July 21, 2008

Reader Review

Dispatch by: Bentley Little
A supernatural thriller about a secret organization of letter writers that control politics, government and reality.

The Policy by: Bentley Little
A supernatural thriller about an evil insurance company that controls all aspects of our lives.

The Resort by: Bentley Little
A supernatural thriller about a family on vacation in Arizona who unexpectedly find themselves at a haunted resort where murder is on the agenda and the staff does not age.

Ghost of the Hardy Boys by: Leslie McFarlane
Leslie McFarlane was the first writer of the Hardy Boy series. For $100 a book, he would flesh out the outline sent to him by the publisher. Though the Hardy Boy series made millions through the years, the author made about $5,000 from all the Hardy Boy books he wrote. This informative book gives the history of the ghost writing and explains the work of a ghostwriter.

Eclipse by: Stephanie Meyer
The 3rd book in the "twilight" series, and the best so far! Bella Swan is a human in love with Edward, a "vegetarian" (non-human-biting) vampire. But her best friend is a werewolf - the vampire's mortal enemy. Will she give up one of her most important relationships for the vampire she loves? Read and find out!

Mixed Mosaics: Techniques and Projects Using Polymer Clay Files, Beads and other Embellishments by: Laurie Mika
Learn step-by-step how to make your own polymer clay tiles that can be used to make jewelry, labels and boxes, or mosaicicons (wall plaques). Even if you're creatively challenged, you should read this book to be wowed and inspired by the artistry found in this book or by the explanations of how certain art projects came to be (one mosairicon entitled "Out of the Ashes" was made from rubble after a friend's home burned down.)

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