Monday, July 21, 2008

Reader Reviews

This Land is Their Land by: Barbara Ehrenreich
Ehrenriech was also the author of "Nickel & Dimed", which I enjoyed more than this, her newest book. Although she discusses the current state of the economy, I didn't care for her writing style and didn't feel she was "telling us anything new." I would recommend her former book, but would recommend you pass on this one.

Fearless Fourteen by: Janet Evanovich
I love the Stephanie Plum series! This is very funny and a quick read. All the characters are original and multi-dimensional and course, Stephanie almost always gets her car blown up chasing and being chased by "bad guys". Recommend for a great summer break.

Stephanie Plum is at it again. Between Lula's rush to get married, Carl the monkey, Joe Morelli and Ranger, her work is once again cut out for her.

The Big Over Easy by: Jasper Fforde
Have you seen the movie Shrek? Or if you loved to read nursery rhymes as a child, you'll get a kick out of this book! You'll get giggles and laughs from this quirky, nursery crime novel! This is a lighthearted story about detective Inspector Jack Spratt, on the case with a team of forensics specialists. With competition in the ranks, Jack Spratt competes to solve the mystery of Reading's prominent citizen's death. This gem was recommended by Brandi and Kelly's TV program Hard Cover Feed Back. Check out Hard Cover Feed Back on Lansing Channel 4 on cable, for more Book Reviews!

CrossCut by: Meg Gardiner
Starts at a high school reunion reluctantly attended by Evan Delaney and her boy friend, Jesse at China Lake California, home of a military base where secret experiments took place 20 years earlier. Repercussions have begun to surface. I hope our military is better than this. But I bet it's not!

How Starbucks Saved my Life: A son of privilege learns to live like everyone else by: Michael Gates Gill
This autobiography reads like a novel. It's engaging and well written. The author, after being fired from a six-figure salary job at an ad agency, struggles for 10 years at being self-employed before being hired at Starbucks. He is in his 60's, needs the job and insurance, and is so afraid he'll be fired that he whole-heartedly attacks grout and cleans the bathrooms and toilets. He makes friends with his co-workers and finds a place to thrive and belong.

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