Monday, August 10, 2009

Hands-On Genealogy Class, Sat., Aug 15, 2009

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We will cover the basics of the research that can be done with the subscription databases available at the library. Presented by Lansing Public Library’s Ms. Higgins.
Part 1: The census records using
Ancestry and HeritageQuest
How to use the census records on two different sources to research your family history. Using the census records is one of the first steps to researching your genealogy. We will look at how Ancestry and Heritage Quest index the census records and go over tips for searching effectively.

Beyond the census records
Looking at other records
available such as birth, marriage, death, and military records. The census is just a snapshot taken every 10 years. Much happens between the census years. We will look at some of the other records available from the
subscription databases to fill-in more of the information about your family.
Part 2: Using Family Tree Maker to build your tree
Using software to outline your family tree. Once you gather
information about your family, it is useful to see it charted as a tree or produced as a report that can be shared with other family members. The Family Tree Maker software (available at the library) can help you do these reports.

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